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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2001 Pietrobelli, Carlo
Guerrieri, Paolo
Iammarino, Simona
The Global Challenge to Industrial Districts: SMEs in Italy and Taiwan - Book
2003 - Linking Local and Global Economies: The Ties that Bind - Book, Edited
2006 - Upgrading to Compete: Global Value Chains, Clusters and SMEs in Latin America - Book, Edited
2010 Singh, Neelam Original Equipment Supply Chains and Auto Component Exports from India - Chapter, Edited Book
2006 Guerrieri, Paolo
Pietrobelli, Carlo
Old and New Forms of Clustering and Production Networks in Changing Technological Regimes: Contrasting Evidence from Taiwan and Italy Science, Technology and Society Journal
2001 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Readman, Jeff
Integrating SMEs in Global Value Chains: Towards Partnership for Development - Report
2009 Krywulak, Tim
Kukushkin, Vadim
Big Gains with Small Partners: What MNCs Look for in Their SME Suppliers International Trade and Investment Centre Research Reports Report
2009 Krywulak, Tim
Kukushkin, Vadim
Small Companies, Big Connections: The Benefits and Challenges for SMEs in Working with MNCs International Trade and Investment Centre Research Reports Report
2012 Brun, Lukas
Lee, Joonkoo
Gereffi, Gary
Accessing Ocean Technology Value Chains - Report
2008 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Enhancing the Role of SMEs in Global Value Chains - Book
2014 - Strengthening Value Chains as an Industrial Policy Instrument: Methodology and Experience of ECLAC in Central America - Book, Edited
2010 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Integrating Developing Countries’ SMEs into Global Value Chains - Report
2012 Fernandez-Stark, Karina
Bamber, Penny
Gereffi, Gary
Inclusion of Small- and Medium-Sized Producers in High-Value Agro-Food Value Chains - Report
2003 Caspari, Catherine Participation in Global Value Chains as a Vehicle for SME Upgrading: A Literature Review ILO SEED Working Paper Working Paper
2018 Li, Fuyi
Frederick, Stacey
Gereffi, Gary
E-Commerce and Industrial Upgrading in the Chinese Apparel Value Chain Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal