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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2013 Milberg, William
Winkler, Deborah
Outsourcing Economics: Global Value Chains in Capitalist Development - Book
2006 Heintz, James Low-wage manufacturing and global commodity chains: a model in the unequal exchange tradition Cambridge Journal of Economics Journal
2001 Dolan, Catherine S.
Humphrey, John
Governance and Trade in Fresh Vegetables: The Impact of UK Supermarkets on the African Horticulture Industry Journal of Development Studies Journal
2006 Bair, Jennifer Regional trade and production blocs in a global industry: toward a comparative framework for research Environment and Planning A Journal
2003 Giovannucci, Daniele
Koekoek, Freek Jan
The State of Sustainable Coffee: A Study of Twelve Major Markets IISD Journal
2008 Gibbon, Peter Governance, Entry Barriers, Upgrading: A Re-Interpretation of Some GVC Concepts from the Experience of African Clothing Exports Competition and Change Journal
2010 Lepawsky, Josh
Mcnabb, Chris
Mapping the international trade and traffic of electronic waste Canadian Geographer Journal
2010 Patel-Campillo, Anouk Rival Commodity Chains: Regulation and Agency in the U.S. and Colombian Cut Flower Agro-Industries Review of International Political Economy Journal
2002 Pedersen, Poul Ove The Logistical Revolution and the Changing Structure of Agriculturally based Commodity Chains in Africa DIIS/CDR Working Paper Working Paper
2012 - Trade Competitiveness Diagnostic Toolkit - Book, Edited
2012 Mayer, Frederick
Posthuma, Anne
Governance in a value chain world Capturing the Gains Summit Briefing Briefing Paper
2013 Mayer, Frederick
Milberg, William
Aid for Trade in a world of global value chains: chain power, the distribution of rents and implications for the form of aid Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2011 Milberg, William
Winkler, Deborah
Trade crisis and recovery: restructuring of Global Value Chains Capturing the Gains Briefing Note Briefing Paper