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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2013 Herrigel, Gary
Wittke, Volker
Voskamp, Ulrich
The Process of Chinese Manufacturing Upgrading: Transitioning from Unilateral to Recursive Mutual Learning Relations Global Strategy Journal Journal
2013 Fabinyi, Michael Social Relations and Commodity Chains: The Live Reef Fish for Food Trade Anthropological Forum Journal
2014 Dallas, Mark Cloth without a Weaver: Power, Emergence and Institutions across Global Value Chains Economy and Society Journal
2014 Dallas, Mark Manufacturing Paradoxes: Foreign Ownership, Governance and Value Chains in China's Light Industries World Development Journal
2014 Foders, Federico
Vogelsand, Manual Molina
Why is Germany's Manufacturing Industry so Competitive? Kiel Policy Brief Policy Brief
2006 Barrientos, Stephanie
Smith, Sally
The ETI Code of Labour Practice: Do workers really benefit? IDS Report Report
2006 Yang, Yung-Kai The Taiwanese Notebook Computer Production Network in China: Implication for Upgrading of the Chinese Electronics Industry - Report
2003 Humphrey, John
Memedovic, Olga
The Global Automotive Industry Value Chain: What Prospects for Upgrading by Developing Countries? UNIDO Sectoral Studies Series Working Paper
2009 Van Assche, Ari Are We Making a Dragon Out of a Dragonfly? Chinas Role in Global Production Networks Rapport Bourgogne/Burgundy Report Report
2009 Keane, Jodie
Ratha, Kong
Maintaining a Competitive Edge for Cambodian Industry: Widening or Deepening the Standards Spectrum Overseas Development Institute Background Note Working Paper
2010 Brandt, Loren
Thun, Eric
The fight for the middle: upgrading, competition, and industrial development in China World Development Journal
2010 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Terheggen, Anne
Tijaja, Julia
What Happens When the Market Shifts to China? The Gabon Timber and Thai Cassava Value Chains World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Working Paper
2010 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Farooki, Masuma
What are the Implications for Global Value Chains when the Market Shifts from the North to the South? World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Working Paper
2011 Terheggen, Anne The Tropical Timber Industry in Gabon: A Forward Linkages Approach to Industriallisation MMCP Discussion Paper Working Paper
2011 De Backer, Koen Global Value Chains: Preliminary Evidence and Policy Issues - Report
2010 Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Kawakami, Momoko
Global Value Chains in the Electronics Industry: Was the Crisis a Window of Opportunity for Developing Countries? World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Working Paper
2012 Koopman, Robert
Wang, Zhi
Wei, Shang-Jin
Estimating domestic content in exports when processing trade is pervasive Journal of Development Economics Journal
2014 Yang, Chun Market Rebalancing of Global Production Networks in the Post-Washington Consensus Globalizing Era: Transformation of Export-oriented Development in China Review of International Political Economy Journal
2013 - Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues in China: A Literature Review - Book, Edited
2011 Pickles, John
Lan, Tu
China’s new labour contract law: state regulation and worker rights in global production networks Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2012 Nathan, Dev
Sarkar, Sandip
Global inequality, rising powers and labour standards Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2013 Kelkar, Govind
Nathan, Dev
Fuquan, Yang
Yin, Yu
Poverty and local linkages in the tourism value chain: a study of upland economies in China and India Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2013 Christian, Michelle
Nathan, Dev
Tourism overview: changing end markets and hyper competition Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2013 Nathan, Dev
Fuquan, Yang
Yin, Yu
The zero-fee tour: price competition and network downgrading in Chinese tourism Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2016 Lee, Joonkoo
Kim, Jong-Cheol
Lim, Jinho
Globalization and Divergent Paths of Industrial Development: Mobile Phone Manufacturing in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal
2018 Li, Fuyi
Frederick, Stacey
Gereffi, Gary
E-Commerce and Industrial Upgrading in the Chinese Apparel Value Chain Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal
2010 Gereffi, Gary
Guler, Esra
Global Production Networks and Decent Work in India and China: Evidence from the Apparel, Automotive, and Information Technology Industries - Chapter, Edited Book