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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2007 Kimura, Seishi The Challenges of Late Industrialization: The Global Economy and the Japanese Commercial Aircraft Industry - Book
2007 - Ports, Cities and Global Supply Chains - Book, Book, Edited
2007 Miehlbradt, Alexandra
Jones, Linda
Market Research for Value Chain Initiatives - Book, Edited
2007 Banjara, Gb Handmade Paper in Nepal: Upgrading with Value Chain Approach - Report
2007 Plattner, Michael Impact of Industrial Services on the Spatial Pattern of Users and Producers in Global Flagship Networks - Chapter, Edited Book
2007 Winter, Johannes Spatial Division of Competencies and Local Upgrading in the Automotive Industry: Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Findings from Poland - Chapter, Edited Book
2007 Santos, Andrea Cristina Dos
Kieckbusch, Rafael Ernesto
Forcellini, Fernando Antonio
Product Development Process Managing in Supply Chain - Chapter, Edited Book
2007 Hough, Phillip Trajectories of Hegemony and Domination in Colombia: A Comparative Analysis of the Coffee, Banana and Coca Regions from the Rise of Developmentalism to the Era of Neoliberalism - Dissertation/Thesis
2007 Tokatli, Nebahat Asymmetrical power relations and upgrading among suppliers of global clothing brands: Hugo Boss in Turkey Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2007 Sokol, Martin Space of flows, uneven regional development and geography of financial services in Ireland Growth and Change Journal
2007 Vind, Ingeborg
Fold, Niels
Multi-level Modularity vs. Hierarchy: Global Production Networks in Singapore's Electronics Industry Geografisk Tidsskrift Danish Journal of Geography Journal
2007 Tallontire, Anne CSR and Regulation: Towards a framework for understanding private standards initiatives in the agri-food chain Third World Quarterly Journal
2007 Neilson, Jeffrey
Pritchard, Bill
Green Coffee? The Contradictions of Global Sustainability Initiatives from the Indian Perspective Development Policy Review Journal
2007 Selwyn, Ben Labour Process and Worker's Bargaining Power in Export Grape Production, North East Brazil Journal of Agrarian Change Journal
2007 Bonham, Carl
Gangnes, Byron
Van Assche, Ari
Fragmentation and East Asia's Information Technology Trade Applied Economics Journal
2007 Thomsen, Lotte Accessing global value chains? The role of business-state relations in the private clothing industry in Vietnam Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2007 Coe, Neil M.
Wrigley, Neil
Host economy impacts of transnational retail: the research agenda Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2007 Dossani, Rafiq
Kenney, Martin
The Next Wave of Globalization: Relocating Service Provision to India World Development Journal
2007 Ponte, Stefano Bans, Tests and Alchemy: Food Safety Regulation and the Uganda Fish Export Industry Agriculture and Human Values Journal
2007 Barham, Nasim
Dörry, Sabine
Schamp, Eike W.
Relational Governance and Regional Upgrading in Global Value Chains – The Case of Package Tourism in Jordan Die Erde Journal
2007 Pelupessy, Wim The world behind the world coffee market Etudes Rurales Journal
2007 Yeung, Wai Chung Henry From followers to market leaders: Asian electronics firms in the global economy Asia Pacific Viewpoint Journal
2007 Vieira, Luciana
Traill, Bruce
The role of food standards in international trade: evidence from Brazilian beef exports to the EU market Journal of International Development Journal
2007 Barrientos, Stephanie
Smith, Sally
Do Workers Benefit from Ethical Trade? Assessing codes of labor practice in global production systems Third World Quarterly Journal
2007 Avdasheva, Svetlana The Russian Furniture Industry: Firms' Upgrading According to the Value-Chain Theory Competition and Change Journal
2007 Goto, Kenta The Development Strategy of the Vietnamese Export Oriented Garment Industry: Vertical Integration or Process and Product Upgrading? Asian Profile Journal
2007 Wiegratz, Jörg
Nyabuntu, Paschal
Omagor, Charles
Competing and Learning in Global Value Chains - Firms Experiences in the Case of Uganda. A Study of Five Export Sub-sectors with Reference to Trade between Uganda and Europe - Report
2007 Wiegratz, Jörg
Nyabuntu, Paschal
Omagor, Charles
Case studies of lead firm governance systems in the context of commercialization of smallholder agriculture in Uganda - Report
2007 Barrientos, Stephanie Global Production Systems and Decent Work ILO Policy Integration Department Working Paper Working Paper
2007 Birch, Kean Knowledge, Place and Power: Conceptualising Value Creation in Knowledge-Based Commodity Chains Centre for Public Policy for Regions (CPPR) Working Paper
2007 Ponte, Stefano Governance in the Value Chain for South African Wine TRALAC Working Paper Working Paper
2007 Ponte, Stefano
Ewert, Joachim
South African Wine – An Industry in Ferment TRALAC Working Paper Working Paper
2007 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Staying Competitive in the Global Economy: Moving up the Value Chain - Book
2007 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Moving Up the Value Chain: Staying Competitive in the Global Economy: Main Findings - Report
2007 - Moving Toward Competitiveness: A Value-Chain Approach Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS) Publication Report
2007 Herr, Matthias An Operational Guide to Value Chain Development: Combining Local Economic Development (LED) with Value Chain Development (VCD) to Strengthen Competitiveness and Integration of SMEs Into Markets - Report
2007 Boquiren, Marian Banana Agrichain Competitiveness Enhancement (B-ACE) B-ACE Report Report
2007 Jansen, Anicca Value Chain Finance: Understanding and Increasing Access USAID Concept Paper Report
2007 Neven, David Export Markets for High-Value Vegetables from Tanzania - Report
2007 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development The Least Developed Countries Report 2007 The Least Developed Countries Report Report
2007 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development World Investment Report 2007: Transnational Corporations, Extractive Industries and Development World Investment Report (WIR) Report
2007 Sturgeon, Timothy J. How Globalization Drives Institutional Diversity: The Japanese Electronics Industry’s Response to Value Chain Modularity Journal of East Asian Studies Journal
2007 - The Impact of Global Food Chains on Employment in the Food and Drink Sector - Discussion Paper
2007 Tozanli, Selma
El Hadad-Gauthier, Fatima
Gouvernance de la chaîne globale de valeur et coordination des acteurs locaux : la ?lière dexportation des tomates fraîches au Maroc et en Turquie Cahiers Agriculture Journal
2007 Matic, Jasna
Kozul, Nada
Cvitic, Zoran
Using Value Chain Relationships to Leverage Bank Lending: Lessons from Croatia - Report
2007 Bloom, David
Dunn, Elizabeth
Clark, Cari Jo
Church, Phillip
Evans, Shand
Huang, Yi-an
Atcha, Shehnaz
Salyer, Patrick
Integrating Micro and Small Enterprises into Value Chains: Evidence from Guatemalan Horticulture and Handicrafts - Report
2007 Jansen, Anicca Mali Value Chain Finance Study: Using a Value Chain Framework to Identify Financing Needs - Report
2007 Dunn, Elizabeth MSE Upgrading in Value Chains USAID Briefing Paper Briefing Paper