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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2014 Ingram, Verina Win-wins in Forest Product Value Chains? How governance impacts the sustainability of livelihoods based on non-timber forest products from Cameroon - Book
2014 De Figueiredo Jr., Hugo Santana
Meuwissen, Miranda
Lansink, Alfons Oude
Integrating structure, conduct and performance into value chain analysis Journal on Chain and Network Science Journal
2014 Ingram, Verina
Levang, Patrice
Cronkleton, Peter
Degrande, Ann
Leakey, Roger
Van Damme, Patrick
Forest and Tree Product Value Chains Forest, Trees and Livelihoods Journal
2014 Ingram, Verina
Schure, Jolien
Awono, Abdon
Ndoye, O.
Gender and forest product value chains in the Congo Basin Forest, Trees and Livelihoods Journal
2014 Neilson, Jeffrey
Pritchard, Bill
Yeung, Wai Chung Henry
Global value chains and global production networks in the changing international political economy Review of International Political Economy Journal
2014 Yeung, Wai Chung Henry Governing the market in a globalizing era: developmental states, global production networks, and inter-firm dynamics in East Asia Review of International Political Economy Journal
2014 Neilson, Jeffrey
Pritchard, Bill
Yeung, Wai Chung Henry
Global value chains and global production networks in the changing international political economy: an introduction Review of International Political Economy Journal
2014 Ponte, Stefano
Kelling, Ingrid
Jesperson, Karen Sau
Kruijssen, Froukje
The Blue Revolution in Asia: Upgrading and Governance in Aquaculture Value Chains World Development Journal
2014 Ponte, Stefano The Evolutionary Dynamics of Biofuel Value Chains: From Unipolar and Government-Driven to Multipolar Governance Environment and Planning A Journal
2014 Ponte, Stefano
Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Explaining Governance in Global Value Chains: A Modular Theory-building Effort Review of International Political Economy Journal
2014 Dallas, Mark Cloth without a Weaver: Power, Emergence and Institutions across Global Value Chains Economy and Society Journal
2014 Dallas, Mark Manufacturing Paradoxes: Foreign Ownership, Governance and Value Chains in China's Light Industries World Development Journal
2014 Foders, Federico
Vogelsand, Manual Molina
Why is Germany's Manufacturing Industry so Competitive? Kiel Policy Brief Policy Brief
2014 Bamber, Penny
Fernandez-Stark, Karina
Gereffi, Gary
Guinn, Andrew
Connecting Local Producers in Developing Countries to Regional and Global Value Chains OECD Trade Policy Papers Working Paper
2014 Staritz, Cornelia
Frederick, Stacey
Sector Case Study - Apparel - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Ferrantino, Michael
Taglioni, Daria
Global Value Chains in the Current Trade Slowdown Economic Premise Journal
2014 Taglioni, Daria
Winkler, Deborah
Making Global Value Chains Work for Development Economic Premise Journal
2014 - Synchronized Factories - Latin America and the Caribbean in the Era of Global Value Chains: Special Report on Integration and Trade - Book, Edited
2014 Keane, Jodie Global value chain analysis: What's new, what's different, what's missing? ODI Briefing Briefing Paper
2014 - Strengthening Value Chains as an Industrial Policy Instrument: Methodology and Experience of ECLAC in Central America - Book, Edited
2014 - Global Value Chains and World Trade: Prospects and Challenges for Latin America ECLAC Books Book, Edited
2014 Koopman, Robert
Wang, Zhi
Wei, Shang-Jin
Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports American Economic Review Journal
2014 African Development Bank
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
United Nations Development Programme
African Economic Outlook 2014: Special Theme: Global Value Chains and Africa's Industrialization - Book
2014 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
World Trade Organization
World Bank
Global Value Chains: Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications for Policy Report Prepared for the G20 Meeting Report
2014 Kaplinsky, Raphael Global value chains, Where they came from, where they are going and why this is important - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Morris, Mike
How Can Africa Develop Industrial Clusters and Supply Chains to Support Diversification and Sustainable Development of Exports: Summary Report - Report
2014 Yang, Chun Market Rebalancing of Global Production Networks in the Post-Washington Consensus Globalizing Era: Transformation of Export-oriented Development in China Review of International Political Economy Journal
2014 Morris, Mike
Staritz, Cornelia
Industrialization Trajectories in Madagascar’s Export Apparel Industry: Ownership, Embeddedness, Markets, and Upgrading World Development Journal
2014 Prowse, Martin
Moyer-Lee, Jason
A comparative value chain analysis of smallholder burley tobacco production in Malawi – 2003/4 and 2009/10 Journal of Agrarian Change Journal
2014 Cheung, Denise
Low, Patrick
Sit, David
FGI Services in Global Value Chains Project: Case Study: Hong Kong-based Bakery Chain - Working Paper
2014 Taglioni, Daria
Winkler, Deborah
Making Global Value Chains Work for Development: Annual Meetings Preview - Book
2014 Frederick, Stacey Combining the Global Value Chain and Global I-O Approaches - Discussion Paper
2014 Landefeld, Steven Implications and Challenges Associated With Developing a New System of Extended International Accounts - Discussion Paper
2014 Bøegh Nielsen, Peter
Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Using Business Functions to Measure International Trade and Economic Globalization - Discussion Paper
2014 Kumar, Ashok
Mahoney, Jack
Stitching Together: How workers are hemming down transnational capital in the hyper-global garment sector WorkingUSA: Journal of Labor and Society Journal
2014 - The Future of Manufacturing: Driving Capabilities, Enabling Investments - Report
2014 De Marchi, Valentina
Di Maria, Eleonora
Ponte, Stefano
Multinational Firms and the Management of International Networks: The Contribution of Studies on Global Value Chains Advances in International Management Journal
2014 Sobel-Read, Kevin Global Value Chains: A Framework for Analysis Transnational Legal Theory Journal
2014 Gereffi, Gary A Global Value Chain Perspective on Industrial Policy and Development in Emerging Markets Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law Journal
2014 - Making Foreign Direct Investment Work for Sub-Saharan Africa: Local Spillovers and Competitiveness in Global Value Chains - Book, Edited
2014 Evers, Barbara
Opondo, Maggie
Barrientos, Stephanie
Krishnan, Aarti
Amoding, Flavia
Ndlovu, Lindani
Global and regional supermarkets: implications for producers and workers in Kenyan and Ugandan horticulture Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2014 Ahmed, Nazneen
Nathan, Dev
Improving wages and working conditions in the Bangladeshi garment sector: the role of horizontal and vertical relations Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2014 Evers, Barbara
Amoding, Flavia
Krishnan, Aarti
Social and economic upgrading in floriculture global value chains: flowers and cuttings GVCs in Uganda Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2014 Funcke, André
Mascarenhas, Gilberto
Wilkinson, John
Pereira, Paulo
Social and economic up and downgrading in Brazil’s hortifruiticulture Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2014 World Trade Organization World Trade Report 2014: Trade and development: recent trends and the role of the WTO - Report
2014 Palpacuer, Florence
Balas, Nicolas
Les chaînes globales de valeur - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Bamber, Penny
Guinn, Andrew
Gereffi, Gary
Burundi in the Agribusiness, Coffee and Energy Global Value Chains: Skills for Private Sector Development: Project Overview - Report
2014 Goger, Annelies
Hull, Andrew
Barrientos, Stephanie
Gereffi, Gary
Godfrey, Shane
Capturing the Gains in Africa: Making the Most of Global Value Chain Participation - Report
2014 Goger, Annelies
Bamber, Penny
Gereffi, Gary
The Tobacco Global Value Chain in Low Income Countries - Report
2014 Bamber, Penny
Abdulsamad, Ajmal
Gereffi, Gary
Burundi in the Agribusiness Global Value Chain: Skills for Private Sector Development - Report