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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2011 Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Memedovic, Olga
Mapping Global Value Chains: Intermediate Goods Trade and Structural Change in the World Economy UNIDO Development Policy and Strategic Research Branch Working Paper Working Paper
2011 Imaka, Michael Mugabira
Ssekiboobo, Daniel
Global Commodity Value Networks: Supply Chain Rigidities and Business Survival in Ugandas Fishing Sector - Working Paper
2011 Monge-Ariño, Francisco Costa Rica: Trade Opening, FDI Attraction and Global Production Sharing - Working Paper
2011 Montalvo, Carlos
Moghayer, S.M.
State of an Innovation System: Theoretical and Empirical Advance towards an Innovation Efficiency Index TNO Working Paper Series Working Paper
2011 Thomsen, Lotte Russian retailers as drivers of global value chains: Examining the conventions of Russian retailers from a central Asian perspective Rising Powers and Global Standards Network Working Paper
2011 Terheggen, Anne The Tropical Timber Industry in Gabon: A Forward Linkages Approach to Industriallisation MMCP Discussion Paper Working Paper
2011 Zhu, Shiguang
Yamano, Norihiko
Cimper, Agnes
Compilation of Bilateral Trade Database by Industry and End-Use Category OECD STI Working Papers Working Paper
2011 Koopman, Robert
Powers, William
Wang, Zhi
Wei, Shang-Jin
Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Tracing Value Added in Global Production Chains NBER Working Paper Working Paper
2011 De La Cruz, Justino
Koopman, Robert
Wang, Zhi
Wei, Shang-Jin
Estimating Foreign Value-added in Mexico's Manufacturing Exports USITC Office of Economics Working Paper Working Paper
2011 Bernhardt, Thomas
Milberg, William
Economic and social upgrading in global value chains: analysis of horticulture, apparel, tourism and mobile telephones Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2011 Pickles, John
Lan, Tu
China’s new labour contract law: state regulation and worker rights in global production networks Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2011 Miller, Doug
Turner, Simon
Grinter, Tom
Back to the Future? A critical reflection on Neil Kearney’s mature systems of industrial relations perspective on the governance of outsourced apparel supply chains Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper