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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2014 Ferrantino, Michael
Taglioni, Daria
Global Value Chains in the Current Trade Slowdown Economic Premise Journal
2014 Taglioni, Daria
Winkler, Deborah
Making Global Value Chains Work for Development Economic Premise Journal
2008 Padilla-Perez, Ramon A regional approach to study technology transfer through foreign direct investment: The electronics industry in two Mexican regions Research Policy Journal
2014 Koopman, Robert
Wang, Zhi
Wei, Shang-Jin
Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports American Economic Review Journal
2012 Koopman, Robert
Wang, Zhi
Wei, Shang-Jin
Estimating domestic content in exports when processing trade is pervasive Journal of Development Economics Journal
2015 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Morris, Mike
Thinning and Thickening: Productive Sector Policies in the Era of Global Value Chains European Journal of Development Research Journal
2014 Yang, Chun Market Rebalancing of Global Production Networks in the Post-Washington Consensus Globalizing Era: Transformation of Export-oriented Development in China Review of International Political Economy Journal
2013 Yang, Chun From Strategic Coupling to Recoupling and Decoupling: Restructuring of Global Production Networks and Regional Evolution in China European Planning Studies Journal
2012 Yang, Chun Restructuring the Export-oriented Industrialization in the Pearl River Delta, China: Institutional Evolution and Emerging Tension Applied Geography Journal
2014 Morris, Mike
Staritz, Cornelia
Industrialization Trajectories in Madagascar’s Export Apparel Industry: Ownership, Embeddedness, Markets, and Upgrading World Development Journal
2014 Prowse, Martin
Moyer-Lee, Jason
A comparative value chain analysis of smallholder burley tobacco production in Malawi – 2003/4 and 2009/10 Journal of Agrarian Change Journal
2015 Moyer-Lee, Jason
Prowse, Martin
How traceability is restructuring Malawi’s tobacco industry Development Policy Review Journal
2011 Arnold, Dennis
Pickles, John
Global work, surplus labor, and the precarious economies of the border Antipode Journal
2014 Kumar, Ashok
Mahoney, Jack
Stitching Together: How workers are hemming down transnational capital in the hyper-global garment sector WorkingUSA: Journal of Labor and Society Journal
2014 De Marchi, Valentina
Di Maria, Eleonora
Ponte, Stefano
Multinational Firms and the Management of International Networks: The Contribution of Studies on Global Value Chains Advances in International Management Journal
2014 Sobel-Read, Kevin Global Value Chains: A Framework for Analysis Transnational Legal Theory Journal
2014 Gereffi, Gary A Global Value Chain Perspective on Industrial Policy and Development in Emerging Markets Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law Journal
2015 Reardon, Thomas The Hidden Middle: The Quiet Revolution in the Midstream of Agrifood Value Chains in Developing Countries Oxford Review of Economic Policy Journal
2011 Flores, Manuel
Valliant, Marcel
Global Value Chains and Export Sophistication in Latin America Integration and Trade Journal
2015 Thomsen, Lotte Exporting to Russia? Entry barriers for food suppliers in a territory in transition Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2002 Lall, Sanjaya Linking FDI and technology development for capacity building and strategic competitiveness Transnational Corporations Journal
2012 Ouma, Stefan
Whitfield, Lindsay
The Making and Remaking of Agroindustries in Africa Journal of Development Studies Journal
2012 Ouma, Stefan Creating and Maintaining Global Connections: Agro-business and the Precarious Making of Fresh-cut Markets Journal of Development Studies Journal
2013 Ouma, Stefan
Boeckler, Marc
Lindner, Peter
Extending the Margins of Marketization: Frontier Regions and the Making of Agro-export Markets in northern Ghana Geoforum Journal
2016 Blazek, Jiri Towards a typology of repositioning strategies of GVC/GPN suppliers: the case of functional upgrading and downgrading Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2016 Buciuni, Giulio
Finotto, Vladi
Innovation in Global Value Chains: Co-location of Production and Development in Italian Low-Tech Industries Regional Studies Journal
2016 Lister, Jane
Ponte, Stefano
Taudal Poulsen, René
Buyer-driven Greening? Cargo-owners and Environmental Upgrading in Maritime Shipping Geoforum Journal
2014 Sau Jespersen, Karen
Kelling, Ingrid
Ponte, Stefano
Kruijssen, Froukje
What Shapes Food Value Chains? Lessons from Aquaculture in Asia Food Policy Journal
2016 Barrientos, Stephanie
Gereffi, Gary
Pickles, John
New Dynamics of Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Shifting Terrain for Suppliers and Workers in the Global South Environment and Planning A Journal
2016 Morris, Mike
Plank, Leonhard
Staritz, Cornelia
Regionalism, end markets and ownership matter: Shifting dynamics in the apparel export industry in Sub Saharan Africa Environment and Planning A Journal
2014 Morris, Mike
Fessehaie, Judith
The industrialisation challenge for Africa: Towards a commodities based industrialisation path Journal of African Trade Journal
2016 De Figueiredo Jr., Hugo Santana
Meuwissen, Miranda
Van der Lans, Ivo
Oude Lansink, Alfons
Identifying successful strategies for honey value chains in Brazil: a conjoint study British Food Journal Journal
2007 Sturgeon, Timothy J. How Globalization Drives Institutional Diversity: The Japanese Electronics Industry’s Response to Value Chain Modularity Journal of East Asian Studies Journal
2000 Barnes, Justin
Kaplinsky, Raphael
Globalization and the Death of the Local Firm? The Automobile Components Sector in South Africa Regional Studies Journal
2016 Chalaby Jean, K. Television and Globalization: The TV Content Global Value Chain Journal of Communication Journal
2015 Chalaby Jean, K. The advent of the transnational TV format trading system: a global commodity chain analysis - Journal
2016 Lee, Joonkoo Global Value Chains and the Changing Pattern of North-South Trade: Apparel, Electronics and Automotive Sectors in 2005-2014 Journal of International Trade & Commerce Journal
2016 Lee, Joonkoo
Kim, Jong-Cheol
Lim, Jinho
Globalization and Divergent Paths of Industrial Development: Mobile Phone Manufacturing in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal
2015 Lee, Joonkoo
Gereffi, Gary
Global value chains, rising power firms and economic and social upgrading Critical Perspectives on International Business Journal
2016 Gereffi, Gary
Lee, Joonkoo
Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains and Industrial Clusters: Why Governance Matters Journal of Business Ethics Journal
2016 Wiegratz, Jörg
Cesnulyte, Egle
Money Talks: Moral Economies of Earning a Living in Neoliberal East Africa New Political Economy Journal
2017 De Figueiredo Jr., Hugo Santana
Meuwissen, Miranda
Van der Lans, Ivo
Oude Lansink, Alfons
Beyond upgrading typologies – In search of a better deal for honey value chains in Brazil PLOS ONE Journal
2017 Rao, Chandrasekhara
Sutradhar, Rajib
Reardon, Thomas
Disruptive Innovations in Food Value Chains and Small Farmers in India Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics Journal
2014 Krone, Madlen
Schumacher, Kim Philip
Dannenberg, Peter
The Impact of Mobile Phones on Knowledge Access and Transfer of Small-Scale Horticultural Farmers in Tanzania Die Erde Journal
2014 Dannenberg, Peter
Kulke, Elmar
Editorial: Dynamics in Agricultural Value Chains Die Erde Journal
2016 Dannenberg, Peter
Revilla Diez, Javier
Editorial: Socio-Economic Networks and Value Chains in the Global South – an Institutional Perspective Die Erde Journal
2014 Velte, Maria
Dannenberg, Peter
Export Horticulture-Empowering Female Small-Scale Farmers in Kenya? Die Erde Journal
2015 Krone, Madlen
Dannenberg, Peter
Nduru, Gilbert
The Use of Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Amallholder Agriculture Information Development Journal
2016 Dannenberg, Peter
Braun, Boris
Kulke, Elmar
The Paradox of Formalization and Informalization in South-North Value Chains Die Erde Journal
2013 Dannenberg, Peter The Rise of Supermarkets and Challenges for Small Farmers in South African Food Value Chains Economia Agro-Alimentare (Agro-Food Economics) Journal