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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2013 Dannenberg, Peter
Lakes, Tobia
The Use of Mobile Phones by Kenyan Export-Orientated Small-Scale Farmers: Insights from Fruit and Vegetable Farming in the Mt. Kenya Region Economia Agro-Alimentare (Agro-Food Economics) Journal
2013 Strasser, Joseph
Dannenberg, Peter
Kulke, Elmar
Temporary Resource Availability and Quality Constraints in the Global Leather Value Chain – The Impact of the Festival of Sacrifice on the Leather Industry in Bangladesh Applied Geography Journal
2013 Dannenberg, Peter
Nduru, Gilbert
Practices in International Value Chains: The Case of the Kenyan Fruit and Vegetable Chain Beyond the Exclusion Debate Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie Journal
2018 Breul, Moritz
Revilla Diez, Javier
An Intermediate Step to Resource Peripheries: The Strategic Coupling of Gateway Cities in the Upstream Oil and Gas GPN Geoforum Journal
2017 Diasso, Yankou
Mainguy, Claire
Organic and Fair-Trade Cotton Production Issues in Africa: a Value Chain Approach Applied to Burkina Faso and Mali International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance & Ecology Journal
2018 Halaszovich, Tilo
Kinra, Aseem
The Impact of Distance, National Transportation Systems and Logistics Performance on FDI and International Trade Patterns: Results from Asian Global Value Chains Transport Policy Journal
2015 Kinra, Aseem Environmental complexity related information for the assessment of country logistics environments: Implications for spatial transaction costs and foreign location attractiveness Journal of Transport Geography Journal
2017 Bloomfield, Michael Global Production Networks and Activism: Can Activists Change Mining Practices by Targeting Brands? New Political Economy Journal
2018 Li, Fuyi
Frederick, Stacey
Gereffi, Gary
E-Commerce and Industrial Upgrading in the Chinese Apparel Value Chain Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal
2019 Breul, Moritz
Revilla Diez, Javier
Tri Sambodo, Maxensius
Filtering Strategic Coupling: Territorial Intermediaries in Oil and Gas Global Production Networks in Southeast Asia Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2018 Arfani, Riza Noer
Dewanta, Awan
Production Shifts and Upgrading in ASEAN Automotive Production Network: Case on Toyota-led Regional Value Chains Indonesian Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Journal
2017 Arfani, Riza Noer Political Economy of Regionalism in ASEAN and Its +3 Partners: Contemporary Changes in the Automotive and Electronics Production Networks Ritsumeikan International Affairs Journal