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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2007 Banjara, Gb Handmade Paper in Nepal: Upgrading with Value Chain Approach - Report
2007 Santos, Andrea Cristina Dos
Kieckbusch, Rafael Ernesto
Forcellini, Fernando Antonio
Product Development Process Managing in Supply Chain - Chapter, Edited Book
2002 Moodley, Sagren Global market access in the Internet era: South Africa's wood furniture industry Internet Research Journal
2001 Coro, Giancarlo
Grandinetti, Roberto
Industrial district responses to the network economy: vertical integration versus pluralist global exploration Human Systems Management Journal
2006 Dunford, Michael Industrial Districts, Magic Circles, and the Restructuring of the Italian Textiles and Clothing Chain Economic Geography Journal
2006 Tokatli, Nebahat Networks, firms and upgrading within the blue-jeans industry: evidence from Turkey Global Networks Journal
2011 Rich, Karl
Ross, R. Brent
Negassa, Asfaw
Quantifying value chain analysis in the context of livestock systems in developing countries Food Policy Journal
2010 De Figueiredo Jr., Hugo Santana
Milis, Bryanna
Evaluating competitiveness impacts of regulatory reforms in the Brazilian cashew industry Development in Practice Journal
2012 Beaudreau, Bernard Rehabilitating the Factor-Proportions Hypothesis - Working Paper
2012 - Gulf Coast Restoration Report Series - Report
2014 Prowse, Martin
Moyer-Lee, Jason
A comparative value chain analysis of smallholder burley tobacco production in Malawi – 2003/4 and 2009/10 Journal of Agrarian Change Journal
2012 Pickles, John Economic and social upgrading in apparel global value chains: public governance and trade policy Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2012 Barrientos, Stephanie
Visser, Margareet
South African horticulture: opportunities and challenges for economic and social upgrading in value chains Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper