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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2013 - Gendered Commodity Chains: Seeing Women and Households in 21st Century Global Production - Book, Edited
2002 Leslie, Deborah Gender, retail work and the clothing commodity chain Gender, Place and Culture Journal
2010 Patel-Campillo, Anouk Agro-Export Specialization and Food Security in a Sub-National Context: The Case of Colombian Cut Flowers Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society Journal
2011 Patel-Campillo, Anouk Forging the neoliberal competitiveness agenda: planning policy and practice in the Dutch and Colombian Cut Flower Commodity Chains Environment and Planning A Journal
2012 Patel-Campillo, Anouk The gendered production-consumption relation:Accounting for Employment and Socioeconomic hierarchies in the Colombian cut flower Global Commodity Chain Sociologia Ruralis Journal
2014 Ingram, Verina
Schure, Jolien
Awono, Abdon
Ndoye, O.
Gender and forest product value chains in the Congo Basin Forest, Trees and Livelihoods Journal
2008 Bolwig, Simon
Ponte, Stefano
Du Toit, Andries
Riisgaard, Lone
Halberg, Neils
Integrating Poverty, Gender and Environmental Concerns into Value Chain Analysis: A Conceptual Framework and Lessons for Action Research DIIS Working Paper Working Paper
2008 Riisgaard, Lone
Bolwig, Simon
Matose, Frank
Du Toit, Andries
Ponte, Stefano
Halberg, Neils
A Strategic Framework and Toolbox for Action Research with Small Producers in Value Chains DIIS Working Paper Working Paper
2008 Mayoux, Linda
Mackie, Grania
Making the Strongest Links: A Practical Guide to Mainstreaming Gender Analysis in Value Chain Development - Report
2010 Milberg, William
Winkler, Deborah
Economic and social upgrading in global production networks: problems of theory and measurement Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2012 Christian, Michelle Economic and social up(down)grading in tourism global production networks: findings from Kenya and Uganda Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2014 Evers, Barbara
Amoding, Flavia
Krishnan, Aarti
Social and economic upgrading in floriculture global value chains: flowers and cuttings GVCs in Uganda Capturing the Gains Working Paper Working Paper
2012 Christian, Michelle Tourism global production networks Capturing the Gains Briefing Note Briefing Paper
2014 Velte, Maria
Dannenberg, Peter
Export Horticulture-Empowering Female Small-Scale Farmers in Kenya? Die Erde Journal