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This page is a resource to find publications related to global value chains research. You can search a wide range of GVC publications, including books, journal articles, edited volumes, chapters in edited volumes, and working papers.

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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2007 Matic, Jasna
Kozul, Nada
Cvitic, Zoran
Using Value Chain Relationships to Leverage Bank Lending: Lessons from Croatia - Report
2008 Parker, Joan A Synthesis of Practical Lessons from Value Chain Projects in Conflict-Affected Environments - Report
2008 Saperstein, Adina
Campbell, Ruth
Accelerating the Transition from Conflict to Sustainable Growth: Value Chain Development in Conflict-Affected Environments - Report
2008 Sebstad, Jennefer
Snodgrass, Donald
Impacts of KBDS and KHDP Projects in the Tree Fruit Value Chain of Kenya - Report
2008 Boquiren, Marian
Idrovo, Ivan
Facilitating Behavior Change and Transforming Relationships: Field Application of Key Value Chain Principles - Report
2010 Lusby, Frank Working with Lead Firms within the Value Chain Approach - Report
2008 Henning, Rob
Donahue, Neal
Kacou, Eric
Butterflies, Icebergs and Elephants: Using Language and Data to Mobilize Value Chains - Report
2008 Griffith, Allison
Osorio, Luis Ernesto
Participatory Market System Development: Best Practices in Implementation of Value Chain Development Programs - Report
2009 Schiff, Hannah
Stallard, Janice
WOCCU Value Chain Finance Methodology: Innovations in Financing Value Chains - Report
2011 Creevey, Lucy
Dunn, Elizabeth
Farmer, Elisabeth
Outreach, Outcomes and Sustainability in Value Chain Projects - Report
2004 Fries, Robert
Akin, Banu
Value Chains and Their Significance for Addressing the Rural Finance Challenge - Report
2005 Goldmark, Lara
Barber, Ted
Trade, Micro and Small Enterprises, and Global Value Chains - Report
2005 Steen, Cynthia
Magnani, Rich
Goldmark, Lara
Competitive Strategies for Agriculture-Related MSEs: From Seeds to Supermarket Shelves - Report
2006 Kula, Olaf
Downing, Jeanne
Field, Michael
Globalization and the Small Firm: a Value Chain Approach to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction - Report
2006 Downing, Jeanne
Snodgrass, Donald
Northrip, Zan
Woller, Gary
The New Generation of Private-Sector Development Programming. The Emerging Path to Economic Growth with Poverty Reduction - Report
2005 Millard, Edward Sustainable Coffee: Increasing Income of Small-Scale Coffee Farmers in Mexico through Upgrading and Improved Transparency in the Value Chain - Report
2006 Derks, Eric
Lusby, Frank
Mali Shea Kernel Value Chain Case Study - Report
2006 Derks, Eric
Barber, Ted
Kula, Olaf
Dalziel, Elizabeth
Haitian Handicraft Value Chain Analysis - Report
2006 Juliard, Criss
Benjamin, Charles
Sassanpour, Maziar
Ratovonomenjanahry, Aro
Ravohitrarivo, Pascal
Madagascar Aromatic & Medicinal Plants Value Chain Analysis - Report
2006 Campion, Anita Financing Artichokes and Citrus: A Study of Value Chain Finance in Peru - Report
2006 Action for Enterprise Ghana Baskets for Export: Case Study - Report
2007 Bloom, David
Dunn, Elizabeth
Clark, Cari Jo
Church, Phillip
Evans, Shand
Huang, Yi-an
Atcha, Shehnaz
Salyer, Patrick
Integrating Micro and Small Enterprises into Value Chains: Evidence from Guatemalan Horticulture and Handicrafts - Report
2007 Jansen, Anicca Mali Value Chain Finance Study: Using a Value Chain Framework to Identify Financing Needs - Report
2009 JBS International Pathways to Learning in the 21st Century: Toward a Strategic Vision for USAID Assistance in Education: Volume II - Report
2014 Action for Enterprise Value Chain Program Design: Promoting Market-Based Solutions for MSME and Industry Competitiveness - Report
2009 Rubin, Deborah
Manfre, Cristina
Barrett, Kara Nichols
Promoting Gender Equitable Opportunities in Agricultural Value Chains - Report
2009 Gammage, Sarah Gender and Pro-Poor Value Chain Analysis. Insights from the GATE Project Methodology and Case Studies - Report
2009 Felton, Nissa Early Lessons Targeting Populations with a Value Chain Approach - Report
2008 Knopp, David Striving Toward a Competitive Industry: The Importance of Dynamic Value Chain Facilitation - Report
2008 Henning, Rob
Donahue, Neal
Brand, Margie
End Market Research Toolkit: Upgrading Value Chain Competitiveness with Informed Choice - Report