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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2009 Krywulak, Tim
Kukushkin, Vadim
Small Companies, Big Connections: The Benefits and Challenges for SMEs in Working with MNCs International Trade and Investment Centre Research Reports Report
2010 Brun, Lukas
Golini, Ruggero
Gereffi, Gary
The Development and Diffusion of Powder Coatings in the United States and Europe: A Historical and Value Chain Perspective - Report
2012 - Gulf Coast Restoration Report Series - Report
2005 Hutson, Andrew
Biravadolu, Monica
Gereffi, Gary
Value Chain for the U.S. Cotton Industry - Report
2008 Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
An Analysis of the U.S. Real Estate Value Chain - Report
2015 Brun, Lukas
Hamrick, Danny
Daly, Jack
The Solar Economy: Widespread Benefits for North Carolina - Report
2015 Daly, Jack
Brun, Lukas
Guinn, Andrew
Targeting Inclusive Development: A Value Chain Approach to Sewer Infrastructure Investment - Report
2009 Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
A Value Chain Analysis of the U.S. Beef and Dairy Industries - Report
2010 Lowe, Marcy
Golini, Ruggero
Gereffi, Gary
U.S. Adoption of High-Efficiency Motors and Drives: Lessons Learned - Report
2010 Lowe, Marcy
Tokuoka, Saori
Dubay, Kristen
Gereffi, Gary
U.S. Manufacture of Rail Vehicles for Intercity Passenger Rail and Urban Transit: A Value Chain Analysis - Report
2012 Stokes, Shawn
Wunderink, Susan
Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
Geosynthetics: Coastal Management Applications in the Gulf of Mexico - Report
2014 Frederick, Stacey
Bair, Jennifer
Gereffi, Gary
Nicaragua and the Apparel Value Chain in the Americas: Implications for Regional Trade and Employment - Report
2014 Brun, Lukas
Jolley, Jason
Hull, Andrew
Frederick, Stacey
Infrastructure Investment Creates American Jobs - Report