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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2006 Dunn, Elizabeth
Sebstad, Jennefer
Batzdorff, Lisa
Parsons, Holly
Lessons Learned on MSE Upgrading in Value Chains AMAP microREPORT Report
2006 Barrientos, Stephanie
Smith, Sally
The ETI Code of Labour Practice: Do workers really benefit? IDS Report Report
2006 Yang, Yung-Kai The Taiwanese Notebook Computer Production Network in China: Implication for Upgrading of the Chinese Electronics Industry - Report
2006 - A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Diagnosis Module for Application in Value Chain Analysis (VCA) Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS) Publication Report
2006 - Azerbaijan Beef and Dairy Value Chains: Case Study - Report
2006 Kula, Olaf
Downing, Jeanne
Field, Michael
Globalization and the Small Firm: a Value Chain Approach to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction - Report
2006 Downing, Jeanne
Snodgrass, Donald
Northrip, Zan
Woller, Gary
The New Generation of Private-Sector Development Programming. The Emerging Path to Economic Growth with Poverty Reduction - Report
2006 Derks, Eric
Lusby, Frank
Mali Shea Kernel Value Chain Case Study - Report
2006 Derks, Eric
Barber, Ted
Kula, Olaf
Dalziel, Elizabeth
Haitian Handicraft Value Chain Analysis - Report
2006 Juliard, Criss
Benjamin, Charles
Sassanpour, Maziar
Ratovonomenjanahry, Aro
Ravohitrarivo, Pascal
Madagascar Aromatic & Medicinal Plants Value Chain Analysis - Report
2006 Campion, Anita Financing Artichokes and Citrus: A Study of Value Chain Finance in Peru - Report
2006 Action for Enterprise Ghana Baskets for Export: Case Study - Report