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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2008 Huws, Ursula Value Chain Restructuring in Europe in a Global Economy Work Organisation and Restructuring in the Knowledge Society (WORKS) Project Report
2008 Mayoux, Linda
Mackie, Grania
Making the Strongest Links: A Practical Guide to Mainstreaming Gender Analysis in Value Chain Development - Report
2008 Gündüz, Canan
Klein, Diana
Conflict-Sensitive Approaches to Value-Chain Development USAID microREPORT Report
2008 McMahon, Alene Case Study of the Poultry and Grape Raisin Subsectors in Afghanistan USAID microREPORT Report
2008 Development Alternatives Inc. Finance in Value Chain Analysis-A Synthesis Paper - Report
2008 Development Alternatives Inc. In-depth End Market Analysis and Bottom-up Business Environment Reform - Report
2008 Chemonics International Inc. Value Chains and the Cluster Approach: Transforming Relationships to Increase Competitiveness and Focus on End Markets - Report
2008 de Caldas Lima, J.M. Patterns of Internationalization for Developing Country Enterprises: Alliances and Joint Ventures - Report
2008 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development World Investment Report 2008: Transnational Corporations and the Infrastructure Challenge World Investment Report (WIR) Report
2008 Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
An Analysis of the U.S. Real Estate Value Chain - Report
2008 Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
A Value Chain Analysis of Selected California Crops - Report
2008 Lowe, Marcy
Gereffi, Gary
A Value Chain Analysis of the U.S. Pork Industry - Report
2008 Parker, Joan A Synthesis of Practical Lessons from Value Chain Projects in Conflict-Affected Environments - Report
2008 Saperstein, Adina
Campbell, Ruth
Accelerating the Transition from Conflict to Sustainable Growth: Value Chain Development in Conflict-Affected Environments - Report
2008 Sebstad, Jennefer
Snodgrass, Donald
Impacts of KBDS and KHDP Projects in the Tree Fruit Value Chain of Kenya - Report
2008 Boquiren, Marian
Idrovo, Ivan
Facilitating Behavior Change and Transforming Relationships: Field Application of Key Value Chain Principles - Report
2008 Henning, Rob
Donahue, Neal
Kacou, Eric
Butterflies, Icebergs and Elephants: Using Language and Data to Mobilize Value Chains - Report
2008 Griffith, Allison
Osorio, Luis Ernesto
Participatory Market System Development: Best Practices in Implementation of Value Chain Development Programs - Report
2008 Knopp, David Striving Toward a Competitive Industry: The Importance of Dynamic Value Chain Facilitation - Report
2008 Henning, Rob
Donahue, Neal
Brand, Margie
End Market Research Toolkit: Upgrading Value Chain Competitiveness with Informed Choice - Report