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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2011 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development World Investment Report 2011: Non-Equity Modes of International Production and Development World Investment Report (WIR) Report
2011 De Backer, Koen Global Value Chains: Preliminary Evidence and Policy Issues - Report
2011 Stamm, Andreas
Von Drachenfels, Christian
Value Chain Development: Approaches and Activities by Seven UN Agencies and Opportunities for Interagency Cooperation - Report
2011 Núñez, Dalia
Sievers, Merten
ILO Value Chain Development Portfolio Analysis: A Stocktaking of ILO Value Chain Related Activities - Report
2011 - Industrial Value Chain Diagnostics: An Integrated Tool - Report
2011 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Indicators for Measuring and Maximizing Economic Value Added and Job Creation Arising from Private Sector Investment in Value Chains: Report to the High-level Development Working Group Report Prepared for the G20 Meeting Report
2011 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Foreign Direct Investment in LDCs: Lessons Learned from the Decade 2001–2010 and the Way Forward - Report
2011 Brun, Lukas
Gereffi, Gary
The Multiple Pathways to Industrial Energy Efficiency: A Systems and Value Chain Approach - Report
2011 Lowe, Marcy
Stokes, Shawn
Gereffi, Gary
Restoring the Gulf Coast: New Markets for Established Firms - Report
2011 Lowe, Marcy
Fan, Hua
Gereffi, Gary
Smart Grid: Core Firms in the Research Triangle Region, North Carolina - Report
2011 Creevey, Lucy
Dunn, Elizabeth
Farmer, Elisabeth
Outreach, Outcomes and Sustainability in Value Chain Projects - Report