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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2013 Low, Patrick
Tijaja, Julia
Increasing value from global value chain participation: What role for industrial policy? - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Sandoval, Seyka La formación de la empresa global en el marco de las cadenas de valor - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Paul, Anthony Maximizing national development from the oil and gas sector through local value-add: extracting from an extractive industry - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Ahmad, Nadim Estimating trade in value-added: why and how? - Chapter, Edited Book
2011 De Backer, Koen
Yamano, Norihiko
International Comparative Evidence on Global Value Chains - Chapter, Edited Book
2008 Hoekman, Bernard
Martin, William
Braga, Carlos A. Primo
Chapter 1: Quantifying the Value of Preferences and Potential Erosion Losses - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Staritz, Cornelia Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading, and Gender - Chapter, Edited Book
2012 Staritz, Cornelia
Frederick, Stacey
Part 2: Summaries of the Country Case Studies on Apparel Industry Development, Structure and Policies - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Staritz, Cornelia
Frederick, Stacey
Sector Case Study - Apparel - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Linden, Greg
Bøegh Nielsen, Peter
Gereffi, Gary
Brown, Clair
Direct measurement of global value chains: Collecting product- and firm-level statistics on value added and business function outsourcing and offshoring - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Low, Patrick The role of services - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Gereffi, Gary
Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Global value chain-oriented industrial policy: the role of emerging economies - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Escaith, Hubert
Inomata, Satoshi
Geometry of global value chains in East Asia: the role of industrial networks and trade policies - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Bhatia Singh, Ujal The globalization of supply chains: policy challenges for developing countires - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Koopman, Robert
Tsigas, Marinos
Powers, William
The Implications of Using Value-added Trade Data for Applied Trade Policy Analysis - Chapter, Edited Book
2013 Ferrantino, Michael Policies to improve the supply chain: what needs to be done? - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Kaplinsky, Raphael Global value chains, Where they came from, where they are going and why this is important - Chapter, Edited Book
2002 Matthews, Dale Can the Dominican Republic's Export-Processing Zones Survive NAFTA? - Chapter, Edited Book
2002 Spener, David The Unraveling Seam: NAFTA and the Decline of the Apparel Industry in El Paso, Texas - Chapter, Edited Book
2002 Ross, Robert The New Sweatshops in the United States: How New, How Real, How Many, and Why? - Chapter, Edited Book
1994 Schoenberger, Erica Competition, Time and Space in Industrial Change - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Bair, Jennifer
Palpacuer, Florence
The Institutionalization of Supply Chain CSR: Field Formation in Comparative Context - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Palpacuer, Florence
Balas, Nicolas
Les chaînes globales de valeur - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Ouma, Stefan
Stenmanns, Julian
The New Zones of Circulation. On the Securitization of Maritime Frontiers in West Africa - Chapter, Edited Book
2016 Gereffi, Gary
Xubei, Luo
Assessing the Risks of Participation in Global Value Chains - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Staritz, Cornelia
Morris, Mike
Global Value Chains in Apparel: Still a Path for Industrial Development? - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Keane, Jodie The Governance of Global Value Chains, Upgrading Processes and Agricultural Producers in Sub-Saharan Africa IDE-JETRO Series Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Keane, Jodie
Basnett, Yurendra
Global Value Chains and Least Developed Countries in Asia: Cost and capability considerations in Cambodia and Nepal ADB Institute Series on Development Economics Chapter, Edited Book
2016 Tijaja, Julia Global Value Chains in the Food Sector - Chapter, Edited Book
2016 Lee, Joonkoo
Gereffi, Gary
Lee, Sang-Hoon
Social Upgrading in Mobile Phone GVCs: Firm-level Comparisons of Working Conditions and Labour Rights - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Lee, Joonkoo Globalization, Upgrading and Regional Engagement: International Coproduction and the Korean Animation Industry in Asia - Chapter, Edited Book
2004 Kappel, Robert Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Capital and the State in sub-Saharan Africa - Chapter, Edited Book
2008 Fold, Niels
Ponte, Stefano
Are (market) stimulants injurious to quality? Liberalization, quality changes, and the reputation of African coffee and cocoa exports - Chapter, Edited Book
2018 Keane, Jodie Brexit and Global Value Chains: The Costs of Transition to New Trade Governance Structures Economic Paper Series Chapter, Edited Book
2019 Keane, Jodie Logistics and Value Chain Development: Cost and Capability Considerations - Chapter, Edited Book
2010 Gereffi, Gary
Guler, Esra
Global Production Networks and Decent Work in India and China: Evidence from the Apparel, Automotive, and Information Technology Industries - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 Arfani, Riza Noer
Winanti, Poppy
Value Chain Governance in Export Commodities: the Case of Indonesia - Chapter, Edited Book