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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2015 Kaplinsky, Raphael
Morris, Mike
Thinning and Thickening: Productive Sector Policies in the Era of Global Value Chains European Journal of Development Research Journal
2015 Moyer-Lee, Jason
Prowse, Martin
How traceability is restructuring Malawi’s tobacco industry Development Policy Review Journal
2015 Reardon, Thomas The Hidden Middle: The Quiet Revolution in the Midstream of Agrifood Value Chains in Developing Countries Oxford Review of Economic Policy Journal
2015 Thomsen, Lotte Exporting to Russia? Entry barriers for food suppliers in a territory in transition Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2015 - The Age of Global Value Chains: Maps and Policy Issues - Book, Edited
2015 Bair, Jennifer
Palpacuer, Florence
The Institutionalization of Supply Chain CSR: Field Formation in Comparative Context - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Ouma, Stefan Assembling Export Markets. The Making and Unmaking of Global Food Connections in West Africa - Book
2015 Ouma, Stefan
Stenmanns, Julian
The New Zones of Circulation. On the Securitization of Maritime Frontiers in West Africa - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 - Services in Global Value Chains: Manufacturing-Related Services - Book, Edited
2015 Kayani, Mahrukh Clean, Green and Endless: Renewable Energy and Global Value Chains: Linking Renewable Energy and Food Security in Pakistan: A Global Value Chain Analysis - Book
2015 Chalaby, Jean The Format Age: Television's Entertainment Revolution - Book
2015 Brun, Lukas
Hamrick, Danny
Daly, Jack
The Solar Economy: Widespread Benefits for North Carolina - Report
2015 Abdulsamad, Ajmal
Frederick, Stacey
Guinn, Andrew
Gereffi, Gary
Pro-Poor Development and Power Asymmetries in Global Value Chains - Report
2015 Daly, Jack
Brun, Lukas
Guinn, Andrew
Targeting Inclusive Development: A Value Chain Approach to Sewer Infrastructure Investment - Report
2015 Abdulsamad, Ajmal
Stokes, Shawn
Gereffi, Gary
Public-Private Partnerships in Global Value Chains: Can They Actually Benefit the Poor? - -
2015 Morris, Mike
Martin, Lucy
Political Economy of Climate-relevant Change Policies: the Case of Renewable Energy in South Africa IDS Evidence Report Report
2015 Staritz, Cornelia
Morris, Mike
Global Value Chains in Apparel: Still a Path for Industrial Development? - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Keane, Jodie
Basnett, Yurendra
Global Value Chains and Least Developed Countries in Asia: Cost and capability considerations in Cambodia and Nepal ADB Institute Series on Development Economics Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Chalaby Jean, K. The advent of the transnational TV format trading system: a global commodity chain analysis - Journal
2015 Lee, Joonkoo Globalization, Upgrading and Regional Engagement: International Coproduction and the Korean Animation Industry in Asia - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Lee, Joonkoo
Gereffi, Gary
Global value chains, rising power firms and economic and social upgrading Critical Perspectives on International Business Journal
2015 Krone, Madlen
Dannenberg, Peter
Nduru, Gilbert
The Use of Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Amallholder Agriculture Information Development Journal
2015 Kinra, Aseem Environmental complexity related information for the assessment of country logistics environments: Implications for spatial transaction costs and foreign location attractiveness Journal of Transport Geography Journal