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Date Authors Title Journal Type
2014 Brun, Lukas
Jolley, Jason
Hull, Andrew
Frederick, Stacey
Infrastructure Investment Creates American Jobs - Report
2014 Gereffi, Gary
Xubei, Luo
Risks and Opportunities of Participation in Global Value Chains World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Working Paper
2013 Glachant, Matthieu
Dussaux, Damien
Ménière, Yann
Dechezleprêtre, Antoine
Greening Global Value Chains: Innovation and the International Diffusion of Technologies and Knowledge World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Working Paper
2016 Barrientos, Stephanie
Gereffi, Gary
Pickles, John
New Dynamics of Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Shifting Terrain for Suppliers and Workers in the Global South Environment and Planning A Journal
2015 Morris, Mike
Martin, Lucy
Political Economy of Climate-relevant Change Policies: the Case of Renewable Energy in South Africa IDS Evidence Report Report
2015 Staritz, Cornelia
Morris, Mike
Global Value Chains in Apparel: Still a Path for Industrial Development? - Chapter, Edited Book
2016 Morris, Mike
Plank, Leonhard
Staritz, Cornelia
Regionalism, end markets and ownership matter: Shifting dynamics in the apparel export industry in Sub Saharan Africa Environment and Planning A Journal
2014 Morris, Mike
Fessehaie, Judith
The industrialisation challenge for Africa: Towards a commodities based industrialisation path Journal of African Trade Journal
2014 Tijaja, Julia
Faisal, Mohammad
Industrial Policy in Indonesia: A Global Value Chain Perspective ADB Economics Working Paper Series Working Paper
2016 Gereffi, Gary
Bamber, Penny
Fernandez-Stark, Karina
Promoting Decent Work in Global Supply Chains (GSCs) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC): Key Issues, Good Practices, Lessons Learned and Policy Insights ILO Americas Technical Reports Report
2016 Gereffi, Gary
Fernandez-Stark, Karina
Global Value Chain Analysis: A Primer (2nd Edition) - Report
2007 Sturgeon, Timothy J. How Globalization Drives Institutional Diversity: The Japanese Electronics Industry’s Response to Value Chain Modularity Journal of East Asian Studies Journal
2016 - Labour in Global Value Chains in Asia - Book, Edited
2001 Gereffi, Gary
Humphrey, John
Kaplinsky, Raphael
Sturgeon, Timothy J.
Introduction: Globalisation, Value Chains and Development IDS Bulletin -
2016 Lee, Joonkoo Global Value Chains and the Changing Pattern of North-South Trade: Apparel, Electronics and Automotive Sectors in 2005-2014 Journal of International Trade & Commerce Journal
2016 Lee, Joonkoo
Kim, Jong-Cheol
Lim, Jinho
Globalization and Divergent Paths of Industrial Development: Mobile Phone Manufacturing in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal
2016 Lee, Joonkoo
Gereffi, Gary
Lee, Sang-Hoon
Social Upgrading in Mobile Phone GVCs: Firm-level Comparisons of Working Conditions and Labour Rights - Chapter, Edited Book
2015 Lee, Joonkoo Globalization, Upgrading and Regional Engagement: International Coproduction and the Korean Animation Industry in Asia - Chapter, Edited Book
2016 Gereffi, Gary
Lee, Joonkoo
Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains and Industrial Clusters: Why Governance Matters Journal of Business Ethics Journal
2016 Staritz, Cornelia
Frederick, Stacey
Harnessing Foreign Direct Investment for Local Development? Spillovers in Apparel Global Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa - Working Paper
2016 Lee, Joonkoo Global Supply Chain Dynamics and Labour Governance: Implications for Social Upgrading ILO Research Paper Report
2017 De Figueiredo Jr., Hugo Santana
Meuwissen, Miranda
Van der Lans, Ivo
Oude Lansink, Alfons
Beyond upgrading typologies – In search of a better deal for honey value chains in Brazil PLOS ONE Journal
2017 Commonwealth Secretariat Future Fragmentation Processes Effectively Engaging with the Ascendancy of Global Value Chains - Book
2017 Rao, Chandrasekhara
Sutradhar, Rajib
Reardon, Thomas
Disruptive Innovations in Food Value Chains and Small Farmers in India Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics Journal
2003 Caspari, Catherine Participation in Global Value Chains as a Vehicle for SME Upgrading: A Literature Review ILO SEED Working Paper Working Paper
2003 Navas-Aleman, Lizbeth Local Implementation of Quality, Labour and Environmental Standards: Opportunities for Upgrading in the Footwear Industry ILO SEED Working Paper Working Paper
2005 Posthuma, Anne Industrial Renewal and Inter-firm Relations in the Supply Chain of the Brazilian Automotive Industry ILO SEED Working Paper Working Paper
2018 Keane, Jodie Brexit and Global Value Chains: The Costs of Transition to New Trade Governance Structures Economic Paper Series Chapter, Edited Book
2017 Diasso, Yankou
Mainguy, Claire
Organic and Fair-Trade Cotton Production Issues in Africa: a Value Chain Approach Applied to Burkina Faso and Mali International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance & Ecology Journal
2017 Bloomfield, Michael Global Production Networks and Activism: Can Activists Change Mining Practices by Targeting Brands? New Political Economy Journal
2018 Li, Fuyi
Frederick, Stacey
Gereffi, Gary
E-Commerce and Industrial Upgrading in the Chinese Apparel Value Chain Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal
2010 Gereffi, Gary
Guler, Esra
Global Production Networks and Decent Work in India and China: Evidence from the Apparel, Automotive, and Information Technology Industries - Chapter, Edited Book
2019 Breul, Moritz
Revilla Diez, Javier
Tri Sambodo, Maxensius
Filtering Strategic Coupling: Territorial Intermediaries in Oil and Gas Global Production Networks in Southeast Asia Journal of Economic Geography Journal
2007 - The Impact of Global Food Chains on Employment in the Food and Drink Sector - Discussion Paper
2008 - Global Agri-food Chains: Employment and Social Issues in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables ILO Employment Working Paper Working Paper
2008 - Voluntary Social Initiatives in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Value Chains ILO Employment Working Paper Working Paper
2018 Arfani, Riza Noer Regional Value Chains and the Japanese Automotive Production Network in Southeast Asia - Dissertation/Thesis
2018 Arfani, Riza Noer
Dewanta, Awan
Production Shifts and Upgrading in ASEAN Automotive Production Network: Case on Toyota-led Regional Value Chains Indonesian Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Journal
2017 Arfani, Riza Noer Political Economy of Regionalism in ASEAN and Its +3 Partners: Contemporary Changes in the Automotive and Electronics Production Networks Ritsumeikan International Affairs Journal
2019 Rausch, Thomas
Petersen, Thieß
Globalization of the German Automotive Industry: Where Does Added Value Occur? Policy Brief Series Future Social Market Economy Policy Brief
2014 Arfani, Riza Noer
Winanti, Poppy
Value Chain Governance in Export Commodities: the Case of Indonesia - Chapter, Edited Book
2014 - Connecting to Global Markets: Challenges and Opportunities - Book, Edited
2013 Park, Albert
Nayyar, Gaurav
Low, Patrick
Supply Chain Perspectives and Issues: A Literature Review - Book
2017 - Global Value Chain Development Report 2017 - Book, Edited