Region: East Africa

Beyond harsh trade!? The relevance of 'soft' competitiveness factors for Ugandan enterprises to endure in Global Value Chains Publication
Beyond The Vertical? Using Value Chains And Governance As A Framework To Analyse Private Standards Initiatives In Agri-Food Chains Publication
Brewing a bitter cup? Deregulation, quality and the re-organization of coffee marketing in East Africa Publication
Case studies of lead firm governance systems in the context of commercialization of smallholder agriculture in Uganda Publication
Coffee Markets in East Africa: Local Responses to Global Challenges or Global Responses to Local Challenges? Publication
Competing and Learning in Global Value Chains - Firms Experiences in the Case of Uganda. A Study of Five Export Sub-sectors with Reference to Trade between Uganda and Europe Publication
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Fake capitalism? The dynamics of neoliberal moral restructuring and pseudo-development: the case of Uganda Publication
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Global Commodity Networks, Ethical Trade and Governmentality: Organizing Business Responsibility in the Kenyan Cut Flower Industry Publication
Global Commodity Value Networks: Supply Chain Rigidities and Business Survival in Ugandas Fishing Sector Publication
Global standards, local realities: Private agrifood governance and the restructuring of the Kenyan horticulture industry Publication
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Money Talks: Moral Economies of Earning a Living in Neoliberal East Africa Publication
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Neoliberal Moral Economy: Capitalism, Socio-Cultural Change and Fraud in Uganda Publication
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Prawns and piranhas: the political economy of a private sector marketing chain in Tanzania Publication
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