Region: Europe

Franz, Martin Person
Frenzel Baudisch, Alexander Person
From manufacturing garments for ready-to-wear to designing collections for fast fashion: evidence from Turkey Publication
From Varieties of Capitalism to Varieties of Activism: The Anti-sweatshop Movement in Comparative Perspective Publication
Geographies of commodity chains Publication
Glavee-Geo, Richard Person
Global sourcing: insights from the global clothing industry -- the case of Zara, a fast fashion retailer Publication
Global Value Chains and Open Networks: The Case of Italian Industrial Districts Publication
Golini, Ruggero Person
Governance and organisation structure in the special tourism sector. Byer-driven or producer-driven value chains? The case of trekking tourism in the Moroccan mountains Publication
Gu, Kejian Person
Gupta, Abhay Person
Hassler, Markus Person
Hines, Tony Person
Huws, Ursula Person
Impact of Industrial Services on the Spatial Pattern of Users and Producers in Global Flagship Networks Publication
Integrating Moroccan actors into international tourism: the imortance of entry barriers to final markets and their consequences for regional development Publication
Joshi, Sachin Person
Knowledge, space and economic governance: The implications of knowledge-based commodity chains for less-favoured regions Publication
Labour Process and Worker's Bargaining Power in Export Grape Production, North East Brazil Publication
Leblebici, Özkan Person
Lema, Rasmus Person
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Montalvo, Carlos Person
Moving Eastwards while Remaining Embedded: the Case of the Marche Footwear District, Italy Publication