The research on global value chains can be divided into two very broad categories: research on governance and upgrading and sector case studies.

Name Institutions Location
Abonyi, George Syracuse University United States
Dallas, Mark Union College United States
Dannenberg, Peter University of Cologne Germany
Dunn, Elizabeth Impact LLC United States
Gerstle, Tracy CARE USA United States
Gesese, Gezehagn Gesese Haramaya University Ethiopia
Goldstein, Andea Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development France
Goto, Kenta Kansai University Japan
Graham, Mark University of Oxford UK
Haihong, Wang China University of Petroleum China
Hatani, Faith Manchester Business School UK
Humphrey, John Institute of Development Studies UK
Huyen, Nguyen - Viet Nam
Kaplinsky, Raphael Open University UK
Kim, Jaeduck Korea Institution for Industrial Economics and Trade Korea - South
Lee, Joonkoo Hanyang University Korea - South
Michell, Tony KDI School of Policy and Management Korea - South
Mukhopadhyay, Tanni United Nations Development Programme United States
Navas-Aleman, Lizbeth Institute of Development Studies UK
Nguyen, Khoi Columbia University United States
Odularu, Gbadebo Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Ghana
Paul, Anthony Association of Caribbean Energy Specialists Trinidad and Tobago
Phillips, Nicola University of Sheffield UK
Pietrobelli, Carlo Inter-American Development Bank, Università degli Studi Roma Tre United States
Plattner, Michael Osaka City University Japan
Poon, Teresa Shuk-Ching The Open University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Prowse, Martin University of Copenhagen Denmark
Rossi, Arianna ILO/IFC Better Work Programme Switzerland
Sturgeon, Timothy J. Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
Tao, Feng Jinan University China
Terheggen, Anne World Agroforestry Centre China
Thoburn, John T. University of East Anglia UK
Thomsen, Lotte Copenhagen Business School Denmark
Tijaja, Julia ASEAN Secretariat Indonesia
Tschang, Feichin Ted Singapore Management University Singapore
Van Assche, Ari HEC Montreal Canada
Wang, James J. University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Weilin, Liu Nankai university China
Wiegratz, Jörg University of Leeds UK
Wrigley, Neil University of Southampton UK
Xue, Hong City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Yang, Chun Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong
Yang, Yung-Kai National University of Kaohsiung Taiwan (ROC)