The research on global value chains can be divided into two very broad categories: research on governance and upgrading and sector case studies.

Name Institutions Location
Banga, Rashmi United Nations Worldwide
Basole, Rahul Georgia Institute of Technology United States
Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee University of Sydney Australia
Borbon-Galvez, Yari SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research. University of Sussex UK
Currah, Andrew University of Oxford UK
Dedrick, Jason Syracuse University United States
Frederick, Stacey Duke University, Global Value Chains (GVC) Center United States
Frenzel Baudisch, Alexander Imperial College, London UK
Garcia De Leon, Guadalupe University of Sonora Mexico
Gooch, Martin George Morris Centre Canada
Gupta, Abhay Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development France
Krywulak, Tim Council of Canadian Academies Canada
Lebaron, Genevieve University of British Columbia Canada
Leslie, Deborah University of Toronto Canada
López Barraza, Lydia María Universidad de Occidente Mexico
Martinez Murillo, Lidia University of Leipzig Germany
Mohiuddin, Muhammad Laval University, Quebec Canada
Patel-Campillo, Anouk The Pennsylvania State University United States
Phillips, Nicola University of Sheffield UK
Phyne, John St. Francis Xavier University Canada
Plattner, Michael Osaka City University Japan
Reed, Darryl York University Canada
Reimer, Suzanne M. University of Southampton UK
Romero, Isidoro University of Seville Spain
Rothstein, Jeffrey S. Grand Valley State University United States
Sandoval, Seyka UNAM Mexico
Sauvee, Loïc LaSalle Beauvais Polytechnic Institute France
Wrigley, Neil University of Southampton UK