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The research on global value chains can be divided into two very broad categories: research on governance and upgrading and sector case studies.

Name Institutions Location
Barrientos, Stephanie University of Manchester, Brooks World Poverty Institute UK
Bernstein, Henry University of London UK
Bessant, John University of Sussex UK
Borbon-Galvez, Yari SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research. University of Sussex UK
Brown, Ed Loughborough University UK
Campling, Liam University of London UK
Carr, Marilyn Institute of Development Studies UK
Ciravegna, Luciano University of London UK
Coe, Neil M. University of Manchester UK
Cooke, Philip Cardiff University UK
Cramer, Christopher University of London UK
Crang, Mike University of Durham UK
Cumbers, Andrew University of Glasgow UK
Currah, Andrew University of Oxford UK
Czaban, Laszlo University of Manchester UK
De Neve, Geert University of Sussex UK
Dicken, Peter University of Manchester UK
Dunford, Michael University of Sussex UK
Eberhardt, Markus Saint Johns College UK
Edwards, Chris University of East Anglia UK
Engel, Jakob University of Oxford UK
Evans, David University of Sussex UK
Evans, Yara Queen Mary, University of London UK
Farooki, Masuma Open University UK
Fitter, Robert University of Sussex UK
Frenzel Baudisch, Alexander Imperial College, London UK
Giroud, Axele Manchester Business School UK
Giuliani, Elisa Sussex University UK
Graham, Mark University of Oxford UK
Grantham, Andrew University of Brighton UK
Greenhill, Robert London Metropolitan University UK
Gregson, Nicky Durham University UK
Gwynne, Robert N. University of Birmingham UK
Hammer, Nikolaus University of Leicester UK
Hardy, Jane University of Hertfordshire UK
Harper, Malcolm Cranfield School of Management, UK UK
Hatani, Faith Manchester Business School UK
Henderson, Jeffrey University of Manchester UK
Hess, Martin University of Manchester UK
Hines, Tony Manchester Metropolitan University UK
Holweg, Matthias University of Cambridge UK
Hudson, Ray University of Durham UK
Hughes, Alexandra University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK
Humphrey, John Institute of Development Studies UK
Huws, Ursula Working Lives Research Institute UK
Iammarino, Simona University of Sussex UK
Jackson, Peter University of Sheffield UK
Janoski, Thomas University of Kent UK
Kaplinsky, Raphael Open University UK
Keane, Jodie Commonwealth Secretariat UK