The research on global value chains can be divided into two very broad categories: research on governance and upgrading and sector case studies.

Name Institutions Location
Carr, Marilyn Institute of Development Studies UK
Cason, Jeffrey Middlebury College United States
Caspari, Catherine - -
Cattaneo, Olivier World Bank United States
Cedillo-Campos, Miguel Gaston National Council of Science & Technology of Mexico Mexico
Cerdan, Claire CIRAD France
Challies, Ed Leuphana University Lüneburg Germany
Chalmers, Geoffrey - -
Chan, Anita - -
Chapman, Judith Executive Succession Australia
Chen, Martha Harvard University United States
Chen, Xiangming University of Illinois, Chicago United States
Chiarvesio, Maria University of Udine United States
Choudhary, Vikas - -
Christerson, Brad Biola University United States
Christian, Michelle Duke University United States
Church, Phillip - -
Cimper, Agnes - -
Ciravegna, Luciano University of London UK
Clancy, Michael University of Hartford United States
Clark, Cari Jo - -
Coe, Neil M. University of Manchester UK
Collins, Jane University of Wisconsin, Madison United States
Cooke, Philip Cardiff University UK
Coro, Giancarlo Universita Ca Foscari Venezia Italy
Correa, Marcela - -
Cramer, Christopher University of London UK
Crang, Mike University of Durham UK
Creevey, Lucy - -
Criscuolo, Chiara - -
Cronkleton, Peter - -
Cruz, Marcelo Jose Nabor - -
Cumbers, Andrew University of Glasgow UK
Currah, Andrew University of Oxford UK
Cutrini, Eleonora University of Macerata Italy
Cvitic, Zoran - -
Czaban, Laszlo University of Manchester UK
Dallas, Mark Union College United States
Daly, Jack Duke University, Global Value Chains (GVC) Center United States
Dalziel, Elizabeth - -
Dannenberg, Peter University of Cologne Germany
Dao, Hong Le The Co-ordination Centre for Poverty Reduction, Hanoi Viet Nam
Daviron, Benoit CIRAD France
De Backer, Koen - -
De Figueiredo Jr., Hugo Santana Federal University of Ceara Brazil
De La Cruz, Justino - -
De Marchi, Valentina University of Padova Italy
De Negri, Joao Alberto - -
De Neve, Geert University of Sussex UK
Dedrick, Jason Syracuse University United States